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Within a week of working with Jordan I made leaps and strides in my scene work. Michaela M.
— Michaela M.


Dialect Coaching at the speed of show business. Whether for Film, TV, or Theatre, my goal is to get the talent as comfortable with the new accent as they are with breathing. Feeling natural, confident, and able to say anything in accent, without taking anything away from the performance.

to discuss how I can help your talent sound authentic and flawless in a new accent.

Thanks Jordan Yanco for helping me to book my 1st big TV co-star job on Dallas playing Mexican gangster.
— Dennis Dannel Jr.


Whether you are an actor, improv, or stand-up, accents help open up a world of possibilities for roles, characters, and performance. Starting accent work now will lead to better results when an audition comes.

and let's discuss exactly where you are, and where you need to go on your accent journey.

Jordan has a great approach to teaching and he makes it easy to ask questions without feeling self conscious. I 100% recommend!
— Elena D.


When we speak, we all want to be understood the first time. Sometimes certain sounds get lost on the listener and context can't always help. With accent coaching, you can focus on exactly those sounds that need improvement, and leave the ones that sound clear already.

and I can customize a program for an individual, a team, or your entire company.