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Dialect Coaching at the speed of show business.

Whether for Film, TV, or Theatre, my goal is to get the talent as comfortable with the new accent as they are with breathing. Feeling natural, confident, and able to say anything in accent, without taking anything away from the performance.


Let's discuss how I can help your talent sound authentic and flawless in a new accent:



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real clear | life interview: A Movie Dialect Coach on Why Language Matters

Yanco, 39, is a dialect coach based in Queens. He can do more than 60 accents and has worked with the likes of Al Pacino (on his recent film The Pirates of Somalia)  and other A-list actors, but it wasn’t until he discovered linguistics that he was able to start telling other people how to do all of the accents he could do, and realized that he could make a career out of the passion he has had since he was a kid.

“I realized if I could do these sounds, I could teach these sounds, I have the terms, and I could make it accessible and fun, because that’s me, I am accessible and fun,” Yanco said. “Over the years I discovered that this is what people want and there is a need for it.” He’s right: Across the board, stars are investing more time in properly learning accents after some learned the hard way — like Anne Hathway in One Day or Brad Pitt in The Devil’s Own — that a bad accent is the only takeaway an audience will have from a movie. Just as Yanco became increasingly aware of differences in how people talk, so have audiences — they notice when someone sounds off.